KinderPuppy is about socialization with training as part of the fun! Puppies are exposed to everyday situations like vacuum cleaners, people of different ages, races, and genders. Free play time is interspersed with more formal activities, such as positive reinforcement training, scent games, and body awareness. Each session is one hour long. Puppies are grouped for play time based on size and age. Training curriculum covers basics like Sit, Down, and Loose Leash Walking, plus important life skills like Rewarding For Calm Behavior.

Every Saturday morning in the Duke Homestead neighborhood of Durham. Maximum of 5-6 puppies

$120/six classes. Curriculum repeats and puppy parents can start at any point in the six weeks and attend all classes.


Better Than Obedience 1 And 2:

Class 1 covers basic skills like Sit, Down, Come and Loose Leash Walking, plus Rewarding For Calm Behavior and more.

Class 2 increases reliability for all behaviors covered in Class 1, plus introduces students to more advanced skills for training their dogs. These skills help us teach our dogs to live more easily in the world with fewer behavior problems.

Classes are capped at a maximum of six students.

See calendar for dates and times or contact The Dog Lady for future class schedules.

$120/six classes


The Right Dog For You:

A free, one hour workshop.

Learn how to choose a forever friend who is the best fit for you! Learn what to look for as you meet puppies and dogs, and what qualities will best complement your lifestyle, wishes and needs.

This is a No Dogs workshop!

Held at various locations in Durham. Please check the Calendar for the next date and place.