AC & Monty.png
Joanne is a skilled and compassionate trainer of all dogs – big or small ... Her techniques helped me develop a whole new relationship with my little terrier mix. Plus she made the whole experience fun for both of us.
— AC Warden & Monty
Emily & Family.png
My husband and I benefited greatly from working with Joanne … We have continued practicing the technique over the past year, and it has significantly reduced pulling, making our walks much more enjoyable for everyone!
— Emily & Family
I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time to tell you what a positive and lasting change you’ve brought to our life with Piper. And to Piper’s life, of course … The dog club was a wonderful experience for both of us.
— Christine & Piper
Sarah Feldman.png
Joanne Ometz is truly a wonderful dog trainer. My dog loves when she comes over for a lesson. Joanne’s manner is calm, gentle, and caring. She uses creative ways to improve my dog’s issues, and makes sure I know how to continue the improvement. We discuss different activities to help my dog improve his alertness, and use all of his dog senses to have fun and learn. I highly recommend Joanne.
— Sarah Feldman
Daniela & Matt Stone.png
Hi Joanne - I just had to share this with you. In the 4.5 years that Holly has been with us this is the first time she has been this close and comfortable with Matt. My heart is so happy!
— Daniela & Matt Stone
Rocco & Sarah.png
Joanne was tremendously helpful with my dog Rocco. I’ve had Rocco for 3 years and he has always been scared of other people coming into the house. Joanne listened to all of the things I’ve tried before to calm Rocco down and observed him before making a plan. Joanne came to the house to help with training and gave us “homework” between visits. Rocco has made a lot of progress in a few months and I really appreciate Joanne’s dedication.
— Rocco & Sarah Hatter